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mindump's Journal

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Anybody , Moderated
I started this community as a lark. So just go ahead. Write anything...or follow the numbers...

1) Speak your mind. Say what needs to be said. Even if this community is dead, still speak.

2) Or just let go with random thoughts.

3) Or just let go with whatever pickles your rump.
a guy called gerald, aladdin sane, amon tobin, andrei tarkovski, antonio gaudi, architectural theory, aterciopelados, aukcion, bauhaus, beach, bernard tschumi, bjork, butoh, cai guo qiang, carlo scarpa, carlos saura, catacombs, cerrone, change, choice, clara venus, colnago, colombia, consciousness, consistancy, cubanismo, dada, daniel lebeskind, david bowie, decadence, deconstruction, deerhoof, destiny, diller+scofidio, diomedes diaz, diversity, dna, doris salcedo, downtown 81, dreams, drinks, einsturzende neubauten, electronica, emir kusturica, federico garcia lorca, fire and ice, flamenco, foot fettish, francois truffaut, frank black, gabriel garcia marquez, galactic, germany, grace jones, green, heathen, heimat, henry miller, icons, imdb, issey miyake, jacque brel, jacque derrida, jamba juice, japan, jean-luc godard, jean-michel basquiat, jean-paul sartre, jenny saville, jim jarmusch, joe arroyo, john cassavetes, johnny walker black label, jorge luis borges, justice, kettle one, kiki smith, kim sooja, klaus schulze, kraftwerk, ladytron, languages, les rita mitsouko, lodger, los amigos invisibles, luis bunuel, lush, manhattans, manu chao, memory, miami, mikhail bulgakov, mulholland drive, nature boy, new york city, nina hagen, ocean, paris-roubaix, radiohead, respect, richard serra, roman polanski, rome, ron mueck, roy ayers, russia, sergei parajanov, sex, sexual fantasies, siouxsie and the banshees, sky city, slow burn, soha, sonic youth, south beach, st. germain, station to station, stephen king, stereolab, stevie wonder, suffragette city, suicide (the band), sun, synapses, tattoos, television (the band), the da vinci code, the jean genie, the lounge lizards, the prettiest star, the shins, the strokes, thin white duke, tim hawkinson, tom waits, tour de france, transformers, truth, vespertine, waves, weird sexual acts, werner herzog, wim wenders, women, xmal-deutschland, ziggy stardust, zoviet-france.